Djem Toker

Djem Toker

Lead engineer



I currently Lead Engineer (Assistant Manager) working for SRE/DevOps team in Tokyo, I have graduated from the faculty of science Sup-Galilée, member of the University Paris 13. I started diving into the IT and software engineering since 2004, and now in Tokyo as Engineer for 10 years. I have worked in several industry such as world class game development company, e-commerce company or crypto-exchanges.

  • Web technology
  • System & Web Security
  • Container & virtualization
  • SRE related subjects
  • Deep learning, big data and AI
  • Engineering diploma in software engineering, 2012

    Institut Galilee faculty of sciences, University Paris 13

  • 2 years technical degree in computer sciences, 2009

    University Paris 13 - University institute of technology

  • High school diploma, 2007

    Rene Cassin High school



Building small and big with it since 2006


Having fun to make application and web services


Love open source penguin(s)


Lead engineer (Assistant Manager)
Oct 2016 – Present Tokyo

Responsibilities include:

  • Creation of a new service from scratch from the initial business unit discussions to the service release and currently maintenance for over 2 year. Participating in the group strategy meetings, handling business needs and inquiries. Creating development roadmaps for each feature and handling project management.
  • As lead engineer, leading a team of ~10 engineers, leading the software and infrastructure design, taking care hands on of development of the most difficult parts. In charge of design and code review, release and team members training as well as technical assessment in HR phases.
  • As manager, responsible for HR related tasks such as goal settings, review, general managament. In charge as well of participating in the management of the costs, budgeting and estimation of new project, infrastructure etc.
  • Role of infrastructure and application architect for the department. Converging technology (language, framework, tools, etc.) for the entire department consisting of several services and groups. Discussing and deciding on common development pattern, tools, software and infrastructure design. Supporting entire department at the technical level.
Software engineer
Jan 2016 – Oct 2016 Tokyo

Responsibilities include:

  • Development of the client side of the mock for a potential future game under Unity.
  • Design and development of the server side including design of the production infrastructure.
Software engineer
May 2014 – Jan 2016 Tokyo

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing mainly and maintaining the backend for the social game “Sword of Phantasia” which includes event engine additions and collaboration with QA and support.
  • In charge of the engineering of the localization for the social game “Cross summoner” released worldwide which include gameplay change, multiplayer event addition as well as testing and collaboration, licensing with publisher such as Nexon and ProSieben.
Software engineer
Tibanne K.K.
Dec 2013 – May 2014 Tokyo

Responsibilities include:

  • Developping and maintaining the website, API and backend related to Mt.Gox bitcoin exchange.
  • Working on the Mt.Gox platform framework and ensuring that there is no issue along with daily code maintenance operation. This include as well pro-active collabortation with the support team to ensure bug fixing and providing technical information on the logic of the platform when needed.
Software engineer
Dec 2012 – Dec 2013 Tokyo

Responsibilities include:

  • Developping frontend and backend of website that has a relationship to social media for multinational company such as Red Bull, EA-Games or Heineken. This can go from a simple campaign site to a site that handle a competition based on social network buzz score such as Red Bull live on the road.
  • Deploying and keeping the production environement available. This include deploying new servers and scaling when needed the infrastructure to handle the charge which can change over time.
Software engineering trainee
Apr 2012 – Sep 2013 Tokyo

Responsibilities include:

  • Built a new system to automatically detect, report the platform issues and collect statistical information about the system. Detecting bottleneck and improving performance and scalability of the system.
  • Refactoring some part of the code, improving functional testing and documenting new changes of the application. Working on daily fix and issues.