Rakuten Fashion

Date of the project: From 2016 to 2017
Link to the website of the project


This is the Fashion E-Commerce Rakuten service that aims at selling Fashion related goods as First Party Reseller unlike the Rakuten Ichiba mall model. In this model brands directly sell through this service to customers. This new service handles the entire process of the purchase from the website, to the payment and warehouse operation (stock, order management, etc). This service was first known as Stylife which then changed to Rakuten BRAND AVENUE and now to the current Rakuten Fashion name. Besides name and marketting change, big system changes occured and I had the opportunity to be part of during the changes including big system renewal projects.

Role & Responsability

  • Mentoring: Training session, pair programming, source code review for team members
  • Design: Feature design and review of team member design
  • Development: Framework development and development of difficult cases, team member code review and approval
  • Infrastructure: Infrastructure architecture with INFRA team and CI/CD development
  • Release: Technical release execution
  • Security: In charge of the security protocol implementation for this service at that time


  • Languages: PHP, Java, Javascript, Bash, SQL (Oracle)
  • Middleware: Memcache, Oracle SQL 12c
  • Infra: Rakuten Cloud, Centos 6/7/8
  • Frameworks: Springboot, CodeIgniter
  • Tools: Jenkins, Gatling, Rundeck, ELK
  • Other: GIT, Jira, Confluence, etc


  • Very big and old system renewal with a lot of complex dependencies
  • Big service with lot of interation within and without the company adding a lot of complexity
  • Team member mentoring and leadership in multi-cultural environment
Djem Toker
Djem Toker
Lead engineer

I love technology and especially interested in Web technology, Security, container and virtualization in general, highly scalable and high performance designs, Deep learning, big data and AI