• Name : Djem Toker
  • Age : 25
  • Country : Japan
  • Town : Kawasaki
  • Job : Software engineer
  • University Paris 13 - Sup-Galilée

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More details about me

more informationsMy path through IT

I started to be interested in the IT technology at the age of 12 and was interested in the web programming. I really wanted to provide service to people and helping them finding ressources. I realy started to make my first website at the age of 15. I started with the basics, how to make a html website with the correct CSS without caring of the rest. The website was providing different wallpaper of well-known Japanese RPG. Then I went more into details and was wondering how was made the forms and so, it means I started to learn the php. As you know, at this age, we play to a video game, and especialy in my case I started to play online games. As a member of the community, they were requiring a vocal server to communicate easier and faster. I decided to go ahead and try to provide them this service. I quickly learnt how to setup a teamspeak server and rent a small box for it. I decided to extend the idea and so with this box I started to provide free teamspeak server for friends and other people. It strengthened a lot my linux skills. I also wanted to do it the right way, so I made a small website and control panel to manage the vocal services. Who says hosting says website, says control panel to manage the server, says a database, so I've learnt all of that.

At the age of 18 I was able to manage a linux server with apache and all the basic services around (mails, mysql, iptables ...) and wanted to learn more and provide something else. I was playing at an online game and decided to make a server using a GNU license for the server side. At the same time I enter in the University Paris 13 in Computer sciences. It was a perfect opportunity to apply what I was learning in my courses in my personal project. It gave me the opportunity to learn more about the the system and network management and also about developping language such as Java and C. I wrote also few tools that were used for the server such as a small client/server tool acting as an anti-cheat allowing only legit players to log on. The server was requiring a lot of time, to make the update, fix the issues, manage a community of thousand of players. It was also an opportunity to train my english.

At 20 I entered in the Sup-Galilée engineering school in the section computer sciences. I was still managing my own project at the same time but I had to stop when I reached the second year due to a huge amount of work. As a result, I had to close my own project to focus more on the school projects.
All this experience wasn't a waste of time since I learnt a lot in IT and other area like English, community management for instance.

Actualy, I am learning the Japanese and I recently passed and obtained the JLPT5. My personal project is to go for the 3rd year in Japan in order to see how is the life there and eventualy if all goes well to stay there but nothing is decided.

more informationsFull detail of the courses taken
  • Year 5 : Doshisha University : Computer sciences
    • Semester 1
      • Advanced Communications Engineering
      • Advanced Language Processing
      • Advanced Embbded Systems
      • Advanced Nature-Inspired computing
      • Computation Structure
      • Technology and Business Project Management
      • Japanese
    • Semester 2
      • Internship in Tokyo of 6 month at Lenz K.K.
  • Year 4 : University Paris 13 - Insitut Galilée faculty science : Computer sciences
    • Semester 1
      • Graph algorithms
      • Linear programming
      • Functional programming
      • Advanced software engineering
      • C++ programming language
      • Web semantic and artificial intelligence
      • Intellectual and industrial property
      • English VII
      • Communication and expression technics II
    • Semester 2
      • Combinatory optimisation
      • Network I
      • Advanced database : Oracle
      • Knowledge engineering
      • System administration
      • Graphic interfaces (in Java)
      • Company management
      • Company creation
      • Quality, Security, Evironement
      • Dependability
      • English VIII
      • Project : Web interface for optimisation of rechargement schedule for the nuclear power plant made by the LIPN/LIX laboratory for EDF
  • Year 3 : University Paris 13 - Insitut Galilée faculty science : Computer sciences
    • Semester 1
      • Base informatics : C language
      • UNIX systems
      • Software engineering I
      • Computer architecture
      • Operating systems
      • Base mathematics
      • Probability and statistics
      • Digital signal processing
      • Numerical methods
      • Algoritms
      • English V
      • Communication and expression technics I
      • Industrial survey
      • Sport : Rock climbing
    • Semester 2
      • Semantic of the programming languages
      • Software engineering II
      • Mathematical logic
      • Theory of languages
      • Infography
      • Databases : Oracle
      • Object programming : JAVA
      • English VI
      • General economy
      • Sport : Rock climbing
      • Project : Client/Server forum written in C with an interface
  • Year 2 : University Paris 13 - University of Technology : Computer sciences
    • Semester 1
      • Graphic Interfaces (in Java)
      • Web programming II : PHP & MySQL
      • Network I
      • Databases II : PostreSQL
      • Software engineering
      • Mathematics : Probability
      • Economy and management III
      • Communication and expression III
      • Statistics
      • Graphs
    • Semester 2
      • Software engineering : Project
      • Advanced algorithms
      • System administration
      • Network II
      • Communication and expression IV : Recruitement technics
      • English IV : Research project
      • Economy and management IV : Project
      • Internship of 8 weeks
  • Year 1 : University Paris 13 - University of Technology : Computer sciences
    • Semester 1
      • Base of programming : C Language
      • Computer architecture I
      • Operating System I : Introduction to unix systems
      • Databases : PostgreSQL
      • Mathematics : Analysis
      • Discrete mathematics I
      • Economy and management I
      • Communication and expression I
      • English I
    • Semester 2
      • Base of programming : Java language
      • Web introduction : HTML, CSS
      • Operating System II : Linux (Pipes and signals)
      • Computer architecture II : Info & signals
      • Unified Modeling Language
      • Discrete mathematics II
      • Mathematics : Linear algebra
      • Economy and management II
      • Communication and expression II
      • English II
      • Project : communications and rights

more informationsHobbies & Interests

I am interested in all releated to the Japan, from the traditional culture and people, to the modern Japan including the animes and so on. I am actualy studying the Japan language at the Tenri Paris school which is a part of the Tenri association, including the Tenri University in the Town of Tenri. I passed my first and second semester exam with a very good score. I also have the JLPT5 certification which I obtained in the December 2010 session after 3 months of studies, it was a surprise to obtain it and gave me more motivation to continue studying Japanese. I successfully passed ine JLPT3 in December 2013.The next logical step that I will try to pass is now the JLPT2.
As I said I like the animes, and you can see here which animes I watched, here are my favorite ones :
  • Clannad, Kanon
  • Fate stay night, The Legend of the Legendary Heroes, Sword art online
  • Evangelion, Code geass

I also like everything releated to the new technologies, including of course the IT sector since the IT is my passion and so I follow the IT news and the new things out.

If you have any questions, comments or just want to share your thoughs, feel free to send it through the contact section, it will be a pleasure for me to answer.
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