• Name : Djem Toker
  • Age : 25
  • Country : Japan
  • Town : Kawasaki
  • Job : Software engineer
  • University Paris 13 - Sup-Galilée

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Welcome to my portfolio.

I am Djem Toker currently studying the software engineering at the faculty of science Sup-Galilée, member of the University Paris 13. I started the IT in 2004 and started with web technologies in which I am particularly interested in.

This portfolio will present different project that I done. Some of them was made during my education and were mainly made in group. This projects aims to provide a solution to a concrete problem. The projects were focusing on a specific IT skill but all the time with the problem solving idea. As a part of our education, we are doing internship in company to get work experience in the IT field. I also done some private project out of school such as gaming server, hosting which gave me the opportunity to apply the courses directly in "reals projects". All the information can be found in my portfolio giving you a global view about me and my work.

This portfolio aims to provide you all the information related to me, my education, projects done, work experience and also hobbies. Feel free to contact me if you have any question concerning me, my work or anything else it will be a pleasure to answer you back.
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