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C : Client Server forum application

This project is a C project aiming to create a client server application for a Forum. The client is made using GTK and so have a graphical interface to make it easier to use. This application allow to register a user, login, create a post, post reply, archive message and so on with different right acces (user and administrator). The server is using MySQL in order to store the information. The client and server are designed to work on different machines through LAN or Intenet. You will find more information in the documentation provided. This client and server both work under Linux and had been tested under Debian and Ubuntu but should also work on any other Linux operating system.

Small community manager login screenshot

Small community manager login

This project had been made in collaboration with Nurbanu Yayilkan

You can download the project files and documentation here :
Client source code
Server source code
MySQL structure creation file
Documentation file 1 : Global functionality planning, made before developpement (in French)
Documentation file 2 : Initial packet format, made during the conception phase (in French)
Documentation file 3 : User guide manual (in French)
How to launch it ? For the launch and the compilation phases, please refer to the User guide manual
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